Joys & Dreams



I have two young children and being their mother is my most cherished work. It informs everything else I do and (sustainably) fuels my environmental work.

Nature Art


When I am in nature with my kids and our wonderful community of nature explorers I love stopping to build ephemeral art out of our surroundings. See it here!



I love creating beautiful gardens that also support the local fauna and are comprised of native and/or edible plants.

Becoming a Farmer


Every since I was young and we lived on a hobby farm it has been my dream to become a small-scale farmer. I want to practice permaculture on a farm that is full of chickens and goats, has water running through/on it, and that serves as an environmental education center.

Doing Distance Hikes


I am setting my sights on hiking both the Appalachian Trail and the Camino de Santiago as a family. It will take us a while to build up to that level and I look forward to all the "practice" backpacking adventures.

Achieving a Stable Climate


This is the big dream - the one that is most likely to keep me up at night. I am determined to help create a beautiful, abundant, healthy, diverse, climatically stable Earth. I envision an urgent "climate race" that galvanizes the momentum that gets us where we must go if future generations are to have a bright future.